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3 Ways to Add Style to Your Flower Bouquets 💐

Published 11 months ago • 1 min read

It’s almost Mother’s Day here in the US and I couldn’t let it pass without some stylin’ flowers for the moms 💗 One idea for a flower bouquet led to another…and another. So yep. I’ve got 3 of em for you this week!

Since this covers so much, I made this one a written blog post with step by step photos + the process written out :)

In the post, we use the same composition sketch + color palette and reinterpret it using the

gouache style:

flat style:

and messy watercolor style:

Here’s the final result with them side by side:

Make these bouquets with:

✏️ Composition sketch (free jpg)
🎨 Color palette (free)
🖌️ Gouache Lovers brush set (download the gloppy edge brush for free here)
🖌️ Bouquet Maker brush set (download the free sampler here)
🖌️ Messy Watercolor brush set (download the free sampler here)

Head to the full post and also see what pancakes with my daughter have to do with this! 🤔 🥞

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